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De-Humidifier Actuator


This AC motor unit compared to the AR4 type is compact in size. It consists of our Geared Servo Motor (GSM) along with suitable reduction gear box. The motor is 230 (or 115) V AC, 50Hz, 1Φ. The motor is compact, quickly reversible and is impedance protected to withstand continuous overload of locked rotor condition. The gears are hobbed in-house and assembled selectively for extended performance. For less than a revolution, the unit can be fitted with limit switches (field adjustable) for extreme ends cut off; for continuous rotation, the switch/cam/potentiometer are absent.


1. Supply Voltage : AC, 230V, 50Hz, 1Φ
2. Power Consumption : 20 Watts.
3. Stroke : Continuous or Factory set at 900, 1600 or 2700. (Field adjustable).
4. Auxiliary Switch (Optional) : 2.5A, 250V, 50Hz, NO or NC. (Operated at only one fixed point).
5. Feedback Potentiometer : 135Ω standard matched to stroke angle of either 900, 1600 or 2700. (The maximum permitted power dissipation for feedback potentiometer is 1W for 900, 1.5W for 1600, and 2W for 2700 stroke angle).
6. Torque-Speed capabilities : Total gear ratio is adjusted at factory to achieve suitable torque-speed combination.
MODEL APM GSM YY L1 mm L2 mm L3 mm L4 mm L5 mm H1 mm H2 mm S1 mm ΦD1 mm D2 mm
DA-100 GSM60 85 90 36 60 5 126 37 72 12.7 M6
DA-200 GSM52 95 155 80 100 45 142 39 90 17.0 M8
Series Code
Ordering Data

Clearly indicate in your purchase order the following:

Operating Voltage : 230/115 V AC, 50Hz, 1Φ.

Torque : Max. 200 Kg-cm.

Speed : Max. 2.5 RPM

Feed Back Potentiometer: Resistance Value, Single or Multi turn, Wattage (Except for continuous rotation).

Special Requirement : Please specify number of switches (Except for continuous rotation).


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