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ar 4 & 6 Series


The AR series of valve and damper actuators come in two sizes. These actuators drive the load through less than one complete revolution in both directions and stop instantaneously at any point of the stroke. With the addition of a worm gear system the actuators can be used to operate multi-turn valves. The position of the output shaft can be controlled with a 4-20mA controller. For feedback, the actuator is equipped with a potentiometer.



  1. These are with line voltage or low voltage motors.
  2. In case of single turn actuators, the stroke is fixed at 900, 1600, or 2700 and is alsofield adjustable.
  3. Models for two-position (ON-OFF) control and also for three stage position (min.switches 3) control. Max. Switches 7 nos (H).
  4. Spur gear train lubricated permanently.
  5. Rated for ambient -400C to +550C.


  1. Actuator Speed-Torque: Contact us for Speed-Torque combinations.
  2. Feed Back: Potentiometer of standard 135 Ω or 1.0 kΩ; 1W; 1 Turn.
  3. Electronic Positioner: Proportional 4-20mA input signal for positioning.
  4. Position Transmitter: The resistance value from Potentiometer is converted to 4-20mA output signal; the external power supply has to be 12 – 36 VDC.
  5. Additional Switches: Provision for extra auxiliary cams-switches (maximum of 7switches. Customized interlocking of the switches is done).
  6. Operating voltages: 12, 24, 110, 230VAC.
  7. Additional Mechanisms: Output end linkages available.

MODEL H1 mm (MAX.) H2 mm (MAX.) W1 mm PCD mm D1 S1 mm S2 mm S3 mm L1       mm
D2 Φ
AR4YZ- 145 38 115 50 M5 9.5 12.7 Φ8 or Φ10 Φ16 Depends on Y
--- ---
AR6YZ- 195 52 140 --- --- 12.7 17.0 Φ8 or Φ10 Φ54
90 M10
  1. Output shaft (S1) end profile is either square or round (keyway provision). Length of S1 can be customized (Min.20.0 for AR4YZ & 35.0 for AR6YZ).
  1. Do not use lengthy screws, projecting inside the plate.
  2. Do not turn the shaft with wrench
  3. Handle the unit with care; malfunctioning / damage due to inadequate handlingwill not entertain any guarantee. Such units will not be entitled for replacement.
Series Code

Ordering Data

Clearly indicate in your purchase order the following:

Model Number : Please follow series code.
Operating Voltage : 24, 110, 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1Φ.
Torque : In Kg-cm (350 max. for AR4YZ; 1000 max. for AR6YZ).
Speed : In RPM (or Travel time for the stroke angle).
Feed Back Potentiometer : Resistance Value, Single or Multi (for multi-turn actuatorsonly) turn, Wattage.



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