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Our Principle

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Our Principle

APM strongly believes that Customer speaks about the product
APM has made its principles:

  1. Valuable Human Resource
  2. Customer is the Best Critic
  3. Superior Quality Products
  4. Continuous Updation with Technology
  5. On-time Delivery
  6. After Sales Service

With the principles put into practice, we could easily set benchmark for our competitors and outwit the competition from the multinationals.

Valuable Human Resource: We understand that the most valuable dynamic element is human resource and the basic necessities of labor need to be promptly addressed. APM facilitates personal grants to our in-house labor and industry loans to vendors. Most of the vendors were once employees of APM and over a period of time they were encouraged and developed into our vendors. We inculcate that every individual in our organization will work at the best for the growth of the company. The organization works with the inspiration from the book “Leadership and Self-Deception” of Arbinger Institute.

Customer is the Best Critic: Customers are the backbone for our organization; with their continuous feedback we could implement the latest technology and update our product to achieve zero failure. We want our Customer to speak about the quality of our product.

Superior Quality Products: All the parts/components adhere to the best quality at every stage of manufacturing and assembly. We believe that quality of a product starts from raw material procurement stage and ends with installation & commission of the same. We think, rather than us, our customer should speak more about our quality & prompt after sales services.

On-time Delivery: APM strongly understands that quality products also need to be delivered on time. To meet this, a team of CHASERS are always behind the vendors for the effectiveness of the supply chain system right from raw material stage to delivery to the customer.

After Sales Service: As mentioned above, we believe, our role does not end with delivery of the product. We encourage our customers to have our after sales team to back them up at the time of installation & commission. This initiation from us, not only extends the life and performance of our & our customers’ products but also, enable us get on-site feed back from our client end to keep our products updated. We train client’s service personnel to gain more knowledge about our products and their best functioning when integrated with their main product. Also, we have compiled a list of spare parts that might go damaged because of improper/negligent installation & commission.

Continuous Updating with Technology: We believe that successful development of a product isn’t one time. The product needs to be modified, re-designed and be updated to meet customers’ technical requirements and maintain the best quality standards as well.

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