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About Us

AP Motronix (APM) floated in the mid 1980s, is into manufacturing import substitute products. Our products are high precision & high value. We started with the production of Fractional Horse Power (FHP) Geared Induction Motor with applications in the field of Antenna movement, Traction Equipment.

Within a year of inception, APM started manufacturing of Modulating Systems & Damper Actuators used in boiler & burner to generate steam. The addition of these two products called for expansion of man power, machinery and facility of 8000 Sq. ft. Since then, with considerable funds and knowledge in the fields of electrical and mechanical, we started focusing on new product designing, developing, customizing and integrating. In the process, we learnt, practiced, and are implementing the technical know-how at each and every stage with quality in to our products. Most of the products developed serve the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that are custom built to the application. As a result, today, we stand catering industries related to different fields. APM caters both private and public limited companies. With latest technology and skilled man power, we forayed into mostly high technology end electro-mechanical systems.

Decades after its inception, APM has wide range of products in its stable and is constantly adding more and more precision electro-mechanical products. We now manufacture Instrument AC Geared Motors, FHP Motors, Synchronous Motors, Stepper Motors, Solenoids (AC/DC; Push/Pull; Linear/Rotary), Torque Synchros, Modulating Motors/Control Valve Actuators, Air Damper Actuators, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Valve Actuators (Rotary & Linear), Electric Rotary Actuators, Linear Actuators, Angle Detectors, Antenna Movement Actuators, CCTV (Pan & Tilt Mechanism), Motorized Potentiometers (AC/DC operated).

AP Motronix bagged couple of orders from ADA, an independent organization aimed to indigenize high technology defense products. It has parallel R&D activities with HAL, NAL, DRDL, BDL and other public sector companies. The orders include design, development, and production of Three Phase Induction Motors for driving the Main Fuel Pump Booster in Light Combat Aircrafts (Tejas), and also the design, development and production of D.C. Motors for actuating the De-pressurization Cock of the aircraft. We also indigenized the actuator for controlling the projectile path of the missile for the defense company Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad.

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